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Hello all you sexy Bears and Bear-Friends!

HARTZAK is very excited to announce that for the FIRST EVER UK Leather Pride event taking place this November, we have been given the green light to license their Logo and associated images to produce unique UK Leather Pride clothing!

With UKLP's blessing, we have produced t-shirts featuring several of our own copyrighted designs based on Leather as a general theme on the front, with the UKLP Logo on the back of the shirt, across the shoulders, as per the examples below:

We have also used the UKLP Logo as our main design for both t-shirts and hoodies, which would look like this:

The Union Flag side-flashes are also available in blue, which we think adds a nice contrast to the predominantly white design - as


Of course, these designs are also available on the classic t-shirt, which would set off a waistcoat and cap combo very well.....

The guys at UKLP/Leather West could not have been more supportive or helpful when we first began talking with them - especially Spencer who has always been on-hand with tips and suggestions - he even conducted a bit of product research for us by talking to a group of Leather Guys at a social event a little while ago!

Well, there you have it: UK Leather Pride is taking place in Bristol on the weekend of the 6th to the 8th of November 2015, with a MarketPlace full of Leather Gear (and Leather Guys!) happening on Saturday the 7th - if you would like further information about the event, how to register and book tickets, accommodation, etc., then just go to:

This event is a genuine First and is tremendously exciting to be involved with - we can't wait!! See you there!!

Until next time, Big Bear Hugs from all of us at the HARTZAK Team! xx

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