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HARTZAK Shirt Appears in "Where The Bears Are" Season 4!

Roughly seven months ago, we were fortunate enough to be introduced to the lovely and charming Rick Copp through mutual friends. He had flown to the UK to visit more friends in London and was persuaded to come to Bristol for a brief visit and to take part in a radio interview for the local LGBTQ show 'Shout-Out'.

Afterwards, Rick came to Bristol's only purpose-built Bear Bar, the aptly named 'Bristol Bear Bar' or BBB for short. Naturally, word of his visit had spread and we decided it was worth seizing a possible PR opportunity to give him a couple of our shirts in order to take photos to post on our Facebook page. Needless to say, Rick was utterly gracious in accepting our gift and everyone had a really fantastic night.

Over the next few months, we kept in periodic contact with him and life carried on as normal. Imagine then our complete surprise when, sometime in May of this year, Rick contacted us via Facebook to ask our permission to include our 'No Signal Bear' shirt in the filming of an episode for Season 4, which had just been given the Green Light!

Within a couple of days, he had emailed a release form to us and away the WTBA team went to film the new series. Obviously, things were quiet for a while as they got everything 'in the can' and edited, etc. and then a couple of weeks ago, we found the trailer on YouTube whilst doing some research for a blog post on the latest Bear news and found the Season 4 Trailer in all it's glory (see below):

We couldn't believe it when, watching the video, we saw first the back of our shirt, displaying the Brand name and then the front design as Rick was pretend-slapped during a comedy sequence and we were so thrilled to see that they had given serious thought to showing us as a Brand in the best possible way and we cannot thank Rick and the Team enough for that - it really is a PR dream for a little company that is really only just starting out on it's journey!

We LOVE you Guys and we know the New Season is going to be AMAZING!

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